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October 2023 price increases

The announcement no-one wants to hear – so let’s keep this short and sweet (well, as “sweet” as a price increase can be…)

While we maintain a policy of keeping our prices as low as possible in our self-service model, unfortunately due to rising direct costs from LFCs (local fibre companies), we must increase our pricing accordingly.

Effective from 1st October 2023, the following price changes will take effect:

PlanCurrent Monthly PriceNew Monthly Price
Walker (50Mbps/10Mbps)$56.00$56.00 (no change)
Runner (300Mbps/100Mbps)$75.00$79.00
Sprinter (900Mbps/400Mbps)$89.00$95.00
Rocket 2G (2Gbps/2Gbps)$129.00$135.00

We’ve tried our best to keep these prices at the best level we can, and look forward to continuing to provide you with our great Quic service! 🧡

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Why are you increasing your prices more than the increase by the LFC?”
A: As you can imagine, there are multiple input costs to our services we need to consider (we talk about what makes up our pricing here), most have which have increased.
We also did not increase our prices in 2022 when there was an LFC price increase last year, and instead made the decision to absorb this cost increase. In fact, we also decreased pricing for our lowest plan!
With everything that’s happening in both the industry with price increases, and in general, we can’t absorb the cost increases, and must increase prices as per above to ensure we can continue to provide you service.

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