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Fast, Simple,
Fibre Broadband.

The telco who puts you in charge! 😎

We don’t all need a support desk or ISP routers to get connected.
Quic is all about being a stripped-back service. Self-supported, BYO router, fast broadband – delivered with IPv4 & IPv6! Too easy.


No throttling or peak time slowdowns, just pure, fast, fibre broadband – simple!


Data caps should be kept in the last decade – no data limits on any of our plans!


Keep more cash in your back pocket, with plans starting at just $56 per month!

What we do

✔️ Fast fibre broadband
✔️ Simple, low cost pricing
✔️ Uncapped data
✔️ PPPoE or DHCP authentication
✔️ IPv4 & /56 IPv6
✔️ IPv4 & IPv6 rDNS management (for static IPs)
✔️ IPv4 subnets available (up to /28)
✔️ Self-troubleshooting & support
✔️ Full visibility to your ONT diagnostics
✔️ Visibility into our network performance

What we don’t do

❌ Contracts
❌ “Bundle deals”
❌ Hidden fees
❌ Filtering (other than DCEFS)
❌ DSL copper broadband
❌ Operate a customer support desk
(which helps us keep our pricing low)

Our simple plans



+ $29 setup fee

50Mbps download
10Mbps upload
Uncapped data



+ $29 setup fee

300Mbps download
100Mbps upload
Uncapped data



+ $29 setup fee

900Mbps download
400Mbps upload
Uncapped data



+ $29 setup fee

2Gbps down/up

Uncapped data

Is Quic right for you?

Quic isn’t for everyone. We’re here for those comfortable with technology.

  • Can you configure your own router?
  • Are you happy with using self-service tools and no service desk?
  • Are you happy using diagnostic tools to check your connection?
  • Do you know what IPv4 & IPv6 means?

If you answered “yes!” then we’d love to have you on board! 😻
If not, our parent company, Vetta Online may be a better fit.

Q&A’s (mostly A’s)

Payment Options

To keep things simple – we currently only accept payment via credit card, which can either be completed manually each month, or payment taken automatically from your card each month.
Keep in mind that Quic broadband is a prepay service, so you’ll need to pay your bill by the due date to keep it running – this means we can keep our prices low for you!

How do I get support?

Quic is a no-frills, self-service offering which keeps our pricing low. For support, take a peek at our support page which will guide you through commonly faced problems. If it turns out you’ve got a fault with your connection after completing these steps, and our status page looks fine, you can lodge a fault in your account portal and one of our experts will get it checked out.
Support with the setup of your devices is not provided, we simply give you the details on how to configure your router on our setup page. This allows us to keep our prices super low for you!

What type of IP Address is provided?

Quic Broadband comes with a dynamic IPv4 & /56 IPv6 subnet. No Carrier-grade NAT or other nonsense.

A static IPv4 address & static IPv6 /56 subnet is available as a service addon at an additional cost (either $6 per month, or $49 one-off), available either when ordering your connection, or at any time once you have a live connection with Quic.

What router does Quic provide?

*shifty eyes* We don’t! Our prices are kept low by not providing lame ISP routers, it’s over to you!
Our friends at PB Tech and Go Wireless have some great options – just make sure they support UFB and follow our setup guide to configure your router.

How do I setup my router?

Easy! Take a peek at our setup page which will give you the rundown on all the settings you need to get your router configured!

How much data is provided?

ALL the data!
But seriously, go for gold – all Quic broadband connections have uncapped data. We don’t throttle your connection, but we do have a acceptable use policy to ensure all users have a (excuse the pun), quick broadband service.

What’s the contract term?

Yeah, we don’t do the contract thing! Nada, ziltch, none! We don’t want to tie you in – if you want to leave Quic – no hard feelings, just pop your cancellation through in your account portal and we’ll take it from there.

I love Quic! Can I refer my friends?

We’d love to welcome your friends to Quic! Any active customer can refer anyone to Quic using your unique referral link.

Login to the account portal to find your link and to see what current referral credit is available for any new customers you welcome on board!

Still have more Q’s than the A’s here? Take a peek at our support page.

What our customers think

We love feedback! Here’s some real feedback, sourced independently from our awesome customers.

Ready to get Quic?

Let’s get you connected!