Network Updates

Decreased South Island latency with CHC-IX

Quic is pleased to announce the reduction of latency for many services to our South Island customers, with the introduction of Quic’s routes being announced across the NZIX CHC-IX Christchurch internet exchange! This will result in lower latency to many providers who peer at CHC-IX, including Cloudflare, Fastly, Devoli, Vocus and Voyager, just to name a few! If you’re one… Read More »Decreased South Island latency with CHC-IX

Hello, Speed Demons! 🚀

Hyperfibre has arrived at Quic! Just in time for Christmas, we’re stoked to announce our launch of Hyperfibre services! 🙌 This has been one of our most highly requested new services by far, and we’re pleased to be able to start offering Hyperfibre with the 2Gbps speed profile, and 4Gbps speed profile coming soon. We are offering the below new… Read More »Hello, Speed Demons! 🚀