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Let’s get you online!

Welcome to Quic Broadband!

Getting you connected is as easy as following these three simple steps!

Connect your router

Connect the WAN port of your router into your ONT.
In most cases, this will be port 1 of the ONT, but check your welcome email from us, as this may be different!

Login to your router

Grab a device (easiest with a computer), hardwire to your router or connect via WiFi, and login to your router.
Instructions on how to connect and login to your router should be located somewhere on your router (usually on a sticker on the bottom of the device)

Configure your router

Now for the exciting bit – configuring your router for Quic!
Exactly how to do this varies widely between routers, but you’ll want to find somewhere to do a Quick Setup or modify WAN settings. You should find fields asking for the details below to connect to the Quic network:

PPPoE Configuration

Connection Type: PPPoE
Password: quic
VLAN: As per your service order (also specified in your go-live email)

IPv6 setup: /56 prefix delivered over your PPPoE dialer via DHCPv6-PD

MTU: We support and recomment a 1500-byte MTU on your PPPoE dialer where possible. (you may need to increase the MTU of your underlying interface to accomodate this)

DHCP Configuration

Connection Type: DHCP / IPoE
VLAN: As per your service order (also specified in your go-live email)

IPv6 setup: /56 prefix delivered via DHCPv6-PD

MTU: 1500-byte

You’re good to go!

With the above settings in place and correct, you should be online!

If this is not the case, double check your welcome email to ensure the date/time we’ve said you’ll be online has past. If so, double check all settings are correct and give your router a reboot.
If after this you’re still facing problems, feel free to consult our support documentation which may help. While rare, there could be an issue with the LFC or provisioning of your circuit and a fault may need to be lodged, which our support documentation will step you through how to do.

Tidying up

Did you move your connection to Quic from another ISP?
While Quic does use functionality provided by LFCs to send a notification to your previous ISP that your connection has been moved across, these notifications are often missed.
We highly recommend contacting your previous ISP to ensure services are cancelled and billing ceased. Quic holds no responsibility for ensuring services with your previous provider have been cancelled.

What our customers think

We love feedback! Here’s some real feedback, sourced independently from our awesome customers.