In perhaps one of our most requested features, we’re pleased to announce we have launched Static IPv6 subnets, and static IPv6 is now available here at Quic Broadband!

This new service is linked to our existing static IPv4 addon, meaning that any time a static IPv4 address is added to a service, either by our monthly or one-off addons, you’ll also receive a static IPv6 subnet at no extra charge!

All existing customers who currently have an active static IPv4 address have automatically had an IPv6 subnet added to their account. To confirm, you can see this by logging in to your Quic account portal and loading up your account:

Just like the automatically assigned dynamic IPv6 subnets, static IPv6 subnets are also a /56 prefix.

Similarly with the existing dynamic IPv6 subnets which every connection receives, we’ll deliver your static IPv6 subnet to you over DHCPv6-PD.

Unlike the static IPv4 addresses which are allocated and assigned to your service instantly (yep, you can order a static IPv4 at 2am, reboot your router and get the IP!), static IPv6 subnets take a little longer to be assigned, so allow 2-3 days for this to appear in your account.

We’re super pleased to finally be able to deliver this to our awesome customers – we know this has been wanted for a while! 🙌

2 thoughts on “Static IPv6 subnets are here!”

  1. Avatar

    What are the costs (both one off and ongoing) for a IPv4 address/IPv6 subnet? Is any form of DNS delegation or DNS hosting supported?

    1. Quic Broadband

      Hi There!
      A static IPv4 address & IPv6 subnet come as either a monthly addon for $6/month, or one-off for $49. DNS delegation isn’t currently supported, however something we’re looking at!

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