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Refer a friend!

Are you a Quic customer and loving Quic Broadband? Want to share the experience with your friends? Quic now has a refer a friend program!

You can now earn a $50 credit on your account for every new customer you refer to Quic who uses your unique referral link.

Once a referred customer is signed up, you’ll receive $50 as a credit on your account after 30 days, which will automatically be applied to your next invoice, easy!

Someone you know not quite ready to make the jump? No worries! Once someone clicks on your referral link, a cookie is set which lasts for 90 days (unless manually cleared), meaning if they were to signup within 90 days of using your link, you still get the credit!

To get started, simply share your unique referral link form your Quic portal homepage. You’ll also be able to see live how many clicks and signups your link has generated.

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