Quic’s new network is finally here!

After months of planning, an unsuccessful initial migration attempt, a rollout rethink and a subsequent two maintenance windows completed, Quic has officially moved all connections onto its highly anticipated new network!

With Quic Broadband only making a bang in the market in 2023, we experienced what can only be described as explosive growth in the business – which was both a massive blessing and honour to see such great community response, but also came along with other significant challenges.

Putting a long story short, the massive amount of new customers and services being connected put continued strain on the Quic network, which while was built for this purpose and it’s own growth projections – our growth projections were just simply wrong as didn’t take into account such a large uptake.

We’ve now pulled out all the stops; from bringing on board new network talent into our Infrastructure team, redesigning a new network from the ground up, installing new physical routing hardware around the country, and finally migrating all Quic connections across to the new network.

No bonus points for guessing when this connection moved to the new network!

This has now resulted in a brand new network routing core, with 100Gbps backbone link capacity between datacentres, new upstream transit and IX capacity and additional LFC handover capacity just to name a few upgrades.

While further tweaks are still being conducted to further improve our new network for customers and some further changes and improvements are to be expected over the coming weeks, we’re pleased to see the fruits of our labour come to fruition with customers now experiencing more consistent connectivity, vastly decreased packet loss and increased overall satisfaction.

We know that during the time of our previous network being strained, we caused inconvenience and interruptions to your connectivity, and have been just as eager to get this resolved as you have been – however it’s been imperative throughout this process that we complete these upgrades through rigorous planning and delivery to ensure we were successful that this new network would tick the boxes needed for our updated growth projections.

A massive thank you to each and every customer who stuck with us through these planned upgrades and migration – we know it hasn’t been easy, and for those who couldn’t hang on for the new network, absolutely no hard feelings, we understand, and hope to see you back one day.

Most importantly though, for all our Quic customers, we hope you’ve noticed and are enjoying the changes in our new network! While we’re in a good place, we do have a few final touches to add in, including some switching upgrades, adding in additional peering with other networks (this in particular will bring those ping times down for those in the South Island), implementation of additional route reflectors and further touches to increase network resiliency.

We’re also looking forward to opening up our new authentication stack in the coming weeks, which will allow greater connection performance through IPoE/DHCP authentication – stay tuned for this big release.

If you’re not already, we strongly recommend signing up to our status page to receive updates on upcoming maintenance, in particular upcoming work to improve the new network, and the rollout of our new authentication stack to open up IPoE/DHCP capability.

We also couldn’t have been as successful in competing this without the valuable input, analysis and help from our team of beta testers, who have been a critical part of testing our new network for months, and also our upcoming new authentication stack.

From all us at Quic, thank you for all your unwavering support to help us in our mission to build the best ISP catered to the tech-savvy community. We’ve got so much more planned and can’t wait to share it all with you. ๐Ÿงก
Onwards and upwards! ๐Ÿš€

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