We’re pleased to announce that in addition to credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard & American Express), we now welcome payments via Online EFTPOS!

Online EFTPOS gives you a safe and easy method to complete a bank transfer payment for your Quic Broadband service, simply by entering your mobile number at checkout and approving the payment through your internet banking app.

Online EFTPOS is one of the most secure payment methods today, as Online EFTPOS doesn’t ask for your bank credentials, and requires you to approve the payment through your banking app.

Just like when paying via credit card, payments via Online EFTPOS are acknowledged immediately at time of checkout.

Note: As Online EFTPOS requires approval from your internet banking app, it is not a “set-and-forget” payment method like credit card. When using Online EFTPOS, you will need to login to your invoice and complete payment manually each month.

For more information about Online EFTPOS, how it works, and supported banks, please visit the Worldline website.

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