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New portal features – IP transfer & problem reporting

In a small but very useful update, our portal now features two new functionalities now active under the “Support” navigation menu. These are:

  • IP Transfer Form
    Are you moving home and want to take your IP addressing with you? Now you can!
    Once your new connection is up and running, you can complete our new IP Transfer form to move across your static IPv4 addressing, static IPv6 subnet, and any static IPv4 subnets from one connection to another, easy!
  • Problem Report Form
    We recognise that not all problems are direct faults that are reported through our existing lodge fault process, and there can be other reasons to get in touch with our team – such as issues with the portal, international IP connectivity, or circuit authentication.
    This new problem report form now gives you a method to make a submissions to our team on issues that may not be a direct fault of your connection, but still needing another set of eyes.
    This form will ask you a wealth of information, from the type of issue, through to severity, troubleshooting and mitigation steps and more in order to give us a full picture of what might be going on.
    It’s important to note this form doesn’t replace our lodge fault form and process if you have a fault with your connection. Submission of this problem report form doesn’t guarantee a response from our team, however all submissions will be looked at to assist is in establishing if there is a wider issue, the extent of the issue, and how we can work together to resolve.

That’s all for this update! Stay tuned for more updates from us soon.

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