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Hello, Speed Demons! 🚀

Hyperfibre has arrived at Quic!

Just in time for Christmas, we’re stoked to announce our launch of Hyperfibre services! 🙌

This has been one of our most highly requested new services by far, and we’re pleased to be able to start offering Hyperfibre with the 2Gbps speed profile, and 4Gbps speed profile coming soon.

We are offering the below new plan:

  • Rocket 2G – 2Gbps/2Gbps @ $129/month

There are a few things to note with Hyperfibre, as you’ll be working with a connection at a higher capacity than many systems can obtain. With this in mind, please be aware:

  • All Quic Hyperfibre services will be provisioned with a “standard ONT” profile, meaning you will need a router capable of both negotiating its WAN port on at least a 2.5Gbps speed, and being able to perform at this speed.
  • Speedtests can vary significantly depending on the server you’re testing to.
  • Your computers/devices behind your router may not be able to reach the 2Gbps speed depending on a number of factors, including if the network adapter can support over 1Gbps, internal cabling etc.
  • Hyperfibre orders require a Hyperfibre ONT. If you don’t already have a Hyperfibre ONT, these do take a while to be installed, as the LFC may be required to swap the GPON splitter supplying your area to one capable with XGSPON (the technology behind Hyperfibre). We don’t receive updates while this is happening, so please be patient and we’ll let you know an install date as soon as we hear!
    (this isn’t helped by current field workforce shortages! 😬)
  • Currently we display any address within UFB coverage as being eligible for Hyperfibre. We’re working on updating our backend systems to make this more accurate, however due to the data we receive, orders will be manually checked for feasibility of Hyperfibre once received. If we’re unable to supply Hyperfibre to your address, we’ll let you know and refund your order in full.

With that out of the way, for those speed demons still reading, how the heck can you get your hands on this stupid-fast connectivity?!

I’m a new customer!
Just enter your address on our homepage and select the “Rocket” option. Simple!
Just as normal, when your order is received, payment of your first month will be taken, which covers you from the date your connection goes live, plus one month.

I’m already an awesome Quic customer! 😎
Due to Hyperfibre orders taking an extended time to be installed, and a new ONT required, we’re not accepting straight upgrade orders for existing connections.
If you’re an existing customer, you’ll need to signup a new connection by entering your address on our homepage and selecting the “Rocket” option. Just like when you first joined us, payment of your first month will be taken, which covers your subscription for one month from the date your connection goes live.
Once your new Hyperfibre connection gets installed and ONT swapped, we’ll automatically cancel your existing (non-Hyperfibre) connection and credit your account the the balance you had remaining on your existing connection for the current pre-paid period, which will then be applied to your next Hyperfibre invoice.
As Hyperfibre becomes more commonplace, and we receive more instantaneous install dates for Hyperfibre ONTs, we’ll be able to ditch this wacky process for our standard upgrade process.

Are you ready to take advantage of this crazy speed?

4 thoughts on “Hello, Speed Demons! 🚀”

    1. admin

      Hey James! Yes, all Hyperfibre services are delivered to customers in “bridge” mode (that being, like a standard ONT, passing service to your own router) 🙂

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