Currently every new Hyperfibre connection requires a technician visit to replace the existing Chorus GPON ONT with a Hyperfibre ONT.

Both Quic and Chorus believe that many of our customers could complete this work without a technician visit, especially those with a connectorised Internal Termination Point (used for Chorus 3rd and 4th generation GPON ONTs). If this is correct, the expectation is that the option to self-upgrade the ONT would streamline and improve the customer experience of upgrading to Hyperfibre.

As part of this, Quic Broadband has entered into a trial with Chorus to test the feasibility of this for new Hyperfibre orders within a Chorus area.

As part of this trial, up to 40 customers placing eligible Hyperfibre orders in Auckland or Wellington may be selected by Chorus to self-upgrade their ONT with a Hyperfibre ONT themselves, which would consist of a process as below:

  1. Chorus reaching out to you to ask whether you’d like to take part.
  2. Chorus dispatching an ONT replacement kit consisting of the new Hyperfibre ONT and tool to remove the fibre connector.
  3. You swapping your existing ONT with the new Hyperfibre ONT using the included tool.
  4. Package up the old ONT and send back to Chorus using the pre-paid courier label.

Pretty cool huh? Want to take part? Order a Hyperfibre connection in Auckland or Wellington through Quic, and you could find yourself as part of the trial!

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